Zane’s 2nd Birthday Party – Part 2

So Part 2 of the 2nd Birthday party starts off with presents!!!  Now understand that trying to get 12 little girls all in one space to do pretty much anything is hard. Trying to get them to all pay attention to a little 2 year old opening presents is especially hard, considering said 2 year old is less that interested in opening up the presents in the first place!



One present that seemed to be a hit with ALL the girls was the new wagon Zane got from her dad (I knew nothing about it!) the girls took turns riding around the back yard – and even with 2 wagons going, there seemed to always be a wait.









Next up – cake!!! My sister Bekah and I made the cake together – YIKES is all I have to say. I am not especially gifted in the baking department – I am more of a lets throw it together and see how it works type of a girl – which is GREAT when it works, not so much when it doesn’t! Needless to say – Bekah was there by my side the entire time, thankfully, and we made it through!

The cake is GOLD because it was her golden birthday! The cupcakes we got from out friends at Wanna Cupcake? and of course they were as good as always. I purchased the Strawberry lemonade – they are my favorite because they use real strawberries in the frosting – and you can totally tell. Karie even sprinkled some gold glitter over the tops of the cupcakes to match the golden birthday theme! If you are throwing a party in the South Sound area – you really HAVE TO call Karie at Wanna Cupcake – they do specialty personalized cakes as well!!




For some easy drinks for this hot summer night, we just created some fruit infused water to make it more flavorful and refreshing. The first was ice water with Strawberries and fresh mint leaves and the second was just ice water and lemon! The Strawberry Mint was SO GOOD I was tempted to just keep  it in my fridge all summer, but the strawberries get all yucky pretty quickly.

Fruit Infused Water

Zane’s first birthday, she was less impressed with the cake. We had gotten her one of those giant cupcakes – all just for her – and she literally would barely touch it. This year, luckily she really liked the cake and ate almost half of the peice we gave her! probably because, I mean really – who doesn’t love a pink ombre cake with gold frosting 😉







And now for one of my favorite things – the Photo Booth!!! I made my very first Photo booth backdrop for Zane’s First birthday (remember here ) so I felt it only right to make one again this year! Because we had it outside, the expose to the sun changed throughout the night (DUH!!!) so some of the pictures look different from the others.

My beautiful friend Jen

The lovely Agnew Family

Love the Sutherlands!

Zane - getting OVER taking pictures





DSC_0497The following pictures are our attempt at getting all of the girls in ONE picture in the teepees. I post all 4 because the picture of all the girls is a bit underwhelming. The pictures of all of the parents trying to get the kids to stay put and then RUNNING out of the picture on the other hand, to me are hilarious!




DSC_0442Tomorrow will complete the 2nd Birthday Party series with  some odds and ends pictures of as the night went on – including those cute little teepees as it get dark. With the teepee’s & the flowers & the little lights strung up – I could have literally sat there and stared all night. Eating s’mores.

Thursday will be very Special – I am guest blogging over at my friend Randi’s blog – Sowdering About – as a part of the Kids Summer Craft Camp! I will be sharing a step by step instructions for the Simple Stained Glass craft we did at Zane’s party!

Have a great day!!! See you back here tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Zane’s 2nd Birthday Party – Part 2

  1. Christine July 23, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

    Beautiful party. The best part will be a couple of years from now when Zane herself looks back at these pictures and feels the love you poured into it all. Happy Birthday Zane!

    • Life by Lindsay July 23, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

      Thank You Christine!!! That is what I really hope!!!

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