Toddler Yoga

This weekend, I took Zane to a free Toddler Yoga class they were holding at the local Land Of Nod store. It was free, so I figured it would be a great place to see if it was something that Zane would be interested in, and to see how she interacts with other kids in a class other than church.

The class started with put your finger on your nose. Easy enough – Zane did it. Put your hands on top of your head – Zane did that too! Maybe we have a chance at this class! I cant believe I ever doubted whether Zane would be able to handle this class or not!

THEN, the yoga instructor had them start a sun salutation, and…….

Toddler Yoga

Choosing the yoga mat directly in front of the play tent proved to be a counter-productive decision.

toddler yoga tent

She was the youngest little one in the class for sure. However, I would like to continue to expose her to classes. Mainly because I am hoping that eventually she will get the hang of it.

Did you put your toddler in any classes? What age did they start? What classes tended to be the most well received? I know I have a very independent little miss on my hands, and could use any encouragement in this topic.

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  1. SuperCutePetContest November 24, 2013 at 8:07 am #

    I bet that was the cutest yoga class!

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