Kids Summer Craft Camp – Simple Stained Glass for Toddlers

Hey guys!!

Today I am Guest blogging on one of my new friend Randi’s blog! Randi and I were both featured this month on Red Tricycle Seattle as Pin-worthy: Creative Seattle Mom Blogs You’ll Love! (check out the article here) What an honor!!

I have joined her Kids Summer Craft Camp today with a post about the Simple Stained Glass craft we did at Zane’s birthday party!

I love inspiring creativity, especially within my daughter! So for her birthday, I really wanted to include a craft activity that the girls could do together! It is so great because it is easy enough for young children, but it can keep the attention of older kids because they can really show their creativity! It is the perfect craft for a party or even with multiple siblings!

Check out my post HERE – or click on the picture above!

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  1. Jennifer Young August 23, 2013 at 6:22 am #

    I love this craft! We have one in our window that my daughter made over a year ago. They are so pretty! :)

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