My new Tessemae’s favorite & a giveaway!!

Here is a new fun video from my favorite brand Tessemae’s featuring my NEW obsession – Southwest Ranch! I love it because it has a bit of a KICK. I eat more veggies when they taste better, it it just the way that it is.

The team at Tessemae’s is pretty amazing, and they are sending me TWO bottles of Southwest Ranch dressing to give-away to you!

Click on the link below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends Tuesday – Good luck!

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Zane Loves L.A. Beaches!

First time on the Beach!

That face says it all.. Zaner loves the beach!!! We had a great time exploring different L.A. beaches a few weeks ago, and I have to say it is hard to choose favorite. Each beach is different and I have basically fallen in love with each of them for different reasons.

This is Huntington Beach – which has a cute little diner at the end of the pier called Rubys. They were PACKED so we ended up getting fajita’s at Gregs along the shoreline.




Unfortunately it was a little cold and windy to really ENJOY the beach and all it has to offer (AKA swim or even really touch the water at all) but that made for a beautiful day for flying a kite! All of these were from ONE guy who had them all set up. He was giving Kite lessons!! I want to go back and take a lesson – HOW FUN!


We ended our day at Laguna Beach – the most relaxing beach to me. They have a fun little play area for Zane to run around, slide, play in the sand and SWING (her favorite).


So do you have a favorite beach?

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The Worlds Toughest Job….

Watch until the end….

Love you Mom…. and all the mom’s out there! It is the BEST JOB in the world!!!

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Want to plan a Disney Vacation? I can Help!


I know I just quit my job… but I went and got another one.

However, this is no ordinary job… this is a job making vacation dreams come true!! Cheesy? Maybe – but I am truly excited about this! You are looking right at an Authorized Disney vacation planner! (I am a travel agent!!) I can help you plan a Disney vacation!

It all happened very fast, and a special Thank You to my friend Lin who let me know about this amazing opportunity to join the team at Once Upon a Time Vacations! This is the perfect stay-at-home (or take-on-the-road) job. I can do this anywhere there is internet!

Disney is such an amazing experience – have you been on a Disney vacation yet? There is really nothing like it. ESPECIALLY when you have kids!

We just got back from a trip to Disneyland last week (more pictures coming soon) and one of my favorite Disney Parks I have EVER been to was California Adventure. The roller coaster – California Screamin was AWESOME. I waited in line (fast pass) for ‘Soaring over California’ three times it was so good. Here is a little teaser video on YouTube about California Adventure:

Everything is SO clean, safe and they literally think of every detail. If you are into great customer service, then a Disney vacation is for you. They go above and beyond to create a great experience for you at every turn.

If you are interested in seeing more information about planning a trip to Disneyland & California Adventure, check out the e-brochure HERE.

If you are interested in seeing more information about planning a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, check out the e-brochure HERE.

There are so many ways to enjoy the wonderful world of Disney – a Disney Cruise, Aulani in Hawaii, Adventures by Disney – and each trip is customizable to make your vacation everything you want it to be!

We were also in Walt Disney world last year with my family, and I blogged about that trip a few times HERE and HERE (look how small Zaner was!!)

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Your Favorite Anthropologie candle… for less!

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to hang out with my friends Jonathan & Christie – who live in Kansas City. They are as stylish as they come, but what I love about Christie is she is ALWAYS DOWN for a good deal. This was one deal I HAD to share with you!

You know how heavenly it smells when you walk into Anthropologie? That is in large part due to the YUMMY Volcano candle they sell- My favorite Anthropologie candle. They always have them burning around the store and it drives me crazy because I just want to buy a candle every single time I go in. Alas, they are an average of $28.00 a piece and I haven’t splurged for one yet.

And now we don’t have to!!

RUN, don’t walk, to Target and get this candle:

The Perfect Candle

Christie was burning Island Moonlight in her house, and I am not kidding you I couldn’t tell the difference. There are an array of sizes, this online deal is awesome!! Such a great deal & you will be able to burn them in TWO rooms in the house for basically the cost of ONE from Anthro!

Thanks for the great tip Christie!!

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Our trip to Colorado…. last month…

I just found this posts in my drafts from a month ago. I had written the post the night before we were going to leave, and planned to post it the next morning. Brandon woke up THROWING UP which kinda of sent our trip a different direction for the day, and I forgot to post it!! SO, here it is now!!


Was fun to spend a few days in Colorado with my Mom, Dad, Bekah & Carissa last month. I am always so surprised how relaxed you can get with a little fresh air and a great mountain view.

The Crown Cafe

It was nice to just hang/relax and get refocused. I had one FULL day to just sit and think – be creative and let my mind wander through different creative things I want to accomplish this year. It was so refreshing!!

The last night before we left Frisco we went to The Crown Cafe for FANTASTIC hot chocolate and then wandered through the Breckenridge Ice Castle. It was pretty cool – it was a structure made entirely of ice with LED lights within the walls so the whole thing GLOWS. It was cold that night, but the castle acted as a igloo when you were inside and we couldn’t feel the chill of the wind outside!

Breckenridge Ice Castle

Ice Castle in Brek



I am currently trying to talk my family into a trip to Frisco this summer – it is one of my favorite places on earth in the summer!!

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So… I quit my job.

Today marks the end of a season for me, and the start of something new!

Today is my last day on staff at church. It has been a transition two years in the making, and now that it is here, I have very mixed emotions.

I have been on staff at our church working in the business office for almost 7 years, and on and around the staff since I moved to Washington in 2002. I LOVE my church. I LOVED being on staff. I LOVE working with our staff (we have one of the best!). And now I enter into a NEW season!

I have had a lot of people approach me and ask what’s next – so I thought I would blog it!

The short answer is I will be a stay at home mom. In other words I am not leaving to take another job somewhere else. However, I hardly plan to stay home :) With Brandon traveling a lot, and Zane the age that she is, it is very easy for us to take the opportunity to travel together! We love building the local church and being a resource to Pastors around the country as we represent our home church of Champions Centre and our Pastors Kevin and Sheila Gerald. It is an honor and an opportunity I have great appreciation for when Zane and I get the chance to travel with Brandon. I am happy we get to do this together. God has been so faithful as Brandon walks in his path of purpose, and this is just one more step for us as we follow after what God would do through us in this life.

Of course, we won’t go on every trip (thank goodness, because there are a lot of them!) That is when I am so excited to spend more time with my girl for the very short time we have until she is school age. She is such a sponge right now, soaking up everything she learns. So I am excited to get her in some classes (ballet maybe?) and spend some time outside!!!

To the question ARE WE MOVING – NO!! We are very firmly planted here in the PNW and in our home church Champions Centre and we are very happy to call this home base. Our roles are a bit different than they have looked in the past years, but we are very much still involved with the life of our church.

To the question ARE WE PREGNANT – NO! I am not preggo – and I don’t plan to be any time soon. Unless the Great Lord has other plans, we will just be the 3 amigos for awhile.

To the question AREN’T YOU GOING TO BE BORED – NO! I literally have never been bored a day in my life, and I don’t plan to start now. I have so many plans and looking forward to the freedom to explore!

All in all, I am very excited for my new season. I am excited to experience new things on the road as a family, and to pour into my little one at this very crucial age.

So what does this mean for my blog?
Well I will potentially have more time to think, be creative and produce more, which means there will be more to blog about! I will also be blogging about my experiences traveling – especially with a toddler (OH THE STORIES) and I hope to be a resource for you in many different ways!

Thank you for coming along with me on the journey so far, and I look forward to what this new season holds!!!

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I kill you… I kill you… the things toddlers say.

Toddler talk. It’s so fun, right?

Thumbs Up!

Until you are walking though the airport with your two and a half year old is walking behind you yelling “I kill you… I kill you”. The things toddlers say.

Then she did it again in the car. She was in her car seat, we were in the front driving (obviously). Brandon and I looked at each other and shrugged. Surly she isn’t ACTUALLY saying that. There must be something lost in translation.

It took me a week or so to actually figure out what she was saying. We were walking through the San Antonio Airport this past weekend and Brandon and I were taking turns running the hall with Zane trying to wear her out for the 4 hour flight we had ahead of us. It was my turn, so we were following the orange stripe on the ground all the way down to the last gate. On the way back to our gate, Zane lost some steam. She slowed her run to a walk, put her arms up and started yelling “I kill you… I kill you mom… I kill you!”

I CARRY YOU. She was saying I CARRY YOU!! She wanted me to carry her – she was sick of walking!! Oh my goodness – BREAKTHROUGH on the communication breakdown. It makes so much sense now!! I had a good laugh to myself as I picked her up and confirmed she was wanting to be carried.

Do you have any trouble with toddler translation?

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Run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon with Me!

I have some exciting news!

I have teamed up with the Rock ‘n’ Blog team this year to run/walk the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Saturday, June 21st and I want you to join me!

I am going to be posting all about my training and reason for participating in this race soon, but I wanted to get this info to you ASAP so you had a chance to register and run with me before the price goes up this Friday!


Have you done a half marathon before? Looking to do your first one this summer? The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series is one of the best, and one of my favorite races I have done so far!

You can click HERE to register – use the code LIFEBYLINDSAY to receive your $10.00 off and come run with me!

Send me an email at or leave a comment below if you do register so I know who is racing with me!

(I have been supplied with a race entry into the the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in exchange for blogging my training & experience. All opinions & experiences are my own and I am so happy to be a part of this team!)

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Eat Local ‘Mazing Marshmallows class with Sisters!

Eat Local

Margo came to visit this past weekend, and we had a great sister weekend! In order to celebrate her birthday, we decided to do something fun and take a class! We found a Groupon for Eat Local ‘Mazing Marshmallows class and were were HOOKED! (When I published this – the GROUPON was still available so go check and see!!)

Sister Love

'Mazing Mallows

As a group, we made vanilla bean marshmallows and the surprise flavor was BUTTERNUT SQUASH marshmallows. YES. I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure how sqush-y they would taste. Luckily, they tasted just like a pumpkin pie marshmallow. They were amazing (totally a great handmade gift idea for next fall!!).

Butternut Squash Mallows


Eat Local Logo

It was fun to finish off the marshmallows and actually bring some home to share with the rest of the family at home!


One of the great things about this class is that you are served multiple samples of their prepared meals as you participate in your class, so you get to sample many of the prepared meals they offer at Eat Local. Everything we ate was yummy, and we only had time to sample a few of them. They have great selections – including options for people with certain dietary concerns (dairy free/gluten-free/vegan). They use organic supplies whenever possible, and everything from spices to the grass fed meat that you can purchase in the store is local (within 300 miles of the store).

I look forward to taking a class & picking up some prepared meals at Eat Local – I also really want to get to the downtown location to try the juice bar!!

Margo – we need to start thinking about what we will do next year for your birthday! :)

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