Flash Friday

Flash Friday

I’ll be celebrating the holidays early this weekend with my family in Minnesota! We are starting the weekend out right this morning with homemade pancakes and lattes made by my dad while the little girls run around the house playing. It’s always good to go home.

Here are a few things to start your weekend off inspired:

Well, this looks amazing. YET another reason to get out to New York.

Grateful for all of the things I can do #likeagirl

Rebekah has brunch with girlfriends tomorrow morning. She is thinking about making this gingerbread.. then possibly using it to make french toast and serving it with stewed apples on top! Decadence served with a cup of coffee.

This past weekend, I had lunch at Mizado Cocina in New Orleans, and they served warm roasted chickpeas at the table right when you sat down. They were so good I set out to find something like it I could make at home. I am looking forward to trying these ASAP!


I’m sure most of you are prepping for Thanksgiving this weekend: Wow your guests or show up at the party with a bottle of this – the world’s highest scoring French wine brand under $20!

Whatever you get up to this weekend, we hope you are able to enjoy some time with family and friends!


Happy Friday!


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Holiday Traditions: Volunteering Edition

Can you believe the holidays are quickly approaching! As in Thanksgiving is already next week! The holiday party invites are rolling in and our family has been discussing traditions such as making pumpkin cookies this week and dusting off White Christmas to watch Thanksgiving night. However, one of my favorite holiday traditions is one we have only adopted in recent years: volunteering in our community.


The last two years we have helped prepare and serve meals at Youthcare, while this year it will be the Treehouse.

Wondering if this would be a fun and beneficial tradition for you and your family to adopt?  To find out, see if you fall into one of the categories below:

1) You plan on spending the holidays away from your family

Holidays away from family can be lonely.  Half of my family lives in the midwest so there are holidays we spend apart, this coming thanksgiving included. I am fortunate to have my brother-in-law Brandon’s family here locally, but it still is not mom and dad. So what am I going to do? Along with several families and single friends, I am making brunch for the Treehouse – a place families can stay for as little as $1 when they have a child in the NICU or ICU here in Tacoma. We will make delicious food and sit around loving on these families while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I will spend the second half of the day with Brandon’s family, but spending my morning serving allows me to get my eyes off of me and my loneliness. I guarantee you will enjoy your holiday away from your family so much more if you do this.


2) You plan on spending the holidays with your family

Family time is the best, but if we are honest we often end up watching a lot of movies together around the holidays. Why not take two of those hours and spend them volunteering as a family? Your family could help serve dinner at a shelter nearby or make cookies with the elderly at the retirement home near you. I know of a family that took extra gloves and hot cocoa and passed it out to the homeless. You can join something someone has already organized or get creative yourselves! The key is that you are sharing the love of your family with others while communicating to your kids that even though the stuff we receive and do around the holidays is fun, but what truly matters is people. Not to mention you will have added things to talk about around the dinner table!

3) You need some encouragement

This is similar to category number one, but is more broad than just loneliness. If you have been feeling frustrated, discontent, depressed – the list goes on – what could very well help you is a good dose of time spent volunteering. When I get out and encourage someone else, it is a one for one – I always get encouraged in return. I give out, I get back. There have been countless scientific studies remarking the health benefits of volunteering. This Huffington post article states that even thoughts of giving can fill the brain with feel-good chemicals, what some refer to as the helper’s high. The article states that it doesn’t happen to everyone, or every time, but it’s very common. In one study, more than half the people who worked in a soup kitchen for a couple of hours felt a mood elevation, “Some people feel more tranquil, peaceful, serene; others, warmer and more trusting.”

What I have personally found to starve loneliness, discontentment and the sense of entitlement around the holidays is gratitude, and I often find gratitude while serving others.

4) You are already feeling encouraged

Share the wealth! If you have been encouraged lately, tag – you’re it. Time to pass on the favor.


5) If you are breathing and reading this

You can read  this article that argues do-gooders are feel-gooders, or  this article that states those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer. Sounds like whoever you are, you can benefit from giving of your time and energy to others.

The Holidays are a great time to jump into volunteering as there are plenty of organized events to be a part of with options appropriate for any age.  So, step out this season, serve others, and find yourself encouraged. Whichever category you found yourself in, find a way to use your talent, effort and strengths to give back into your community!

If this is already a tradition for you and your family, we would love to hear about it!

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Flash Friday – November 14, 2014

Flash Friday

Have any plans this weekend? A certain friend of ours is turning 30, and I am sad to be missing the festivities! I am in Baton Rouge & New Orleans this weekend for the first time – but Rebekah will be there to party for the both of us! Happy Birthday Celebration Savi!!! Love you – you deserve all the glitz and glam that this weekend holds!

I’ve heard the morning chill is in full effect in Seattle! Which is having me look at this or thinking about splurging for this - just an extra incentive to help get me out of my cozy covers and to the gym in the morning.

Have you tried the latest in hot health trends yet? Although they’re calling it a trend, I think it has been a popular health remedy since before our grandmothers were young.

Have you ever thought about becoming a surrogate? A girlfriend we grew up with made the decision to be one this year and is blogging about her experience.  You can follow her journey here, along with sending prayers and well wishes! I think you’ll enjoy her – the last post was titled ‘Welcome embryos!!!!! Make yourself comfy!!!’

Dumb and Dumber to comes out today. Were you a fan of the original? Here are a few things you may not have known about the original.

In honor of Veterans everywhere:

Happy Veterans Day!

A Canadian photographer captured some of the cost of freedom.

You know the videos people post of surprise soldier homecomings? Yeah, those I can’t help but tear up while watching? Looks like their is an entire blog devoted to them!

Have a fantastic weekend!!! Stay warm!

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ClassPass – NEW in Seattle!

ClassPass Launches in Seattle

Here are a few questions for you:

Have you tried a Barre class?

What about a pole dancing workout?

Do you have a gym membership?

What is your favorite way to get your workout done?

Are you like me where I know I feel so much better when I work out, but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation?

Maybe you are not ready to commit to just ONE gym yet: Enter ClassPass.

I was so excited when I heard about ClassPass coming to Seattle! Previously they were only in NYC, Boston, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, and Washington D.C., but NOW they are available in Seattle as well!!!!

An alternative to a gym membership, ClassPass allows you UNLIMITED classes at participating studios. You are limited to 3 classes per studio per month. However, once the next month starts, you can visit that favorite studio again for 3 times! This allows you to build a workout routine full of variety visiting studios of all types (barre, yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, bootcamps, martial arts, strength training and more!).

Life by Lindsay is partnering up with ClassPass to bring you some exciting reviews in the beginning of 2015, but I want to get the word out that this is available now in the Seattle area and THIS WEEK they are offering a great deal – If you sign up to try ClassPass by November 14 (11/14/14) using this link, you will receive a $50.00 visa give card!

Interested in seeing what Studios in the Seattle area are participating? Click HERE for a comprehensive link to the map of studios. Personally, I’m excited to try my first barre workout. Or am I terrified. I think it’s both, ha!

Life by Lindsay was not paid for this post but does contain ref feral links. All thoughts & opinions are our own.

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Oprah’s Life You Want Tour Weekend!


So, I was given the opportunity to spend the weekend with Oprah!

Just me, my friend Jen and about 10 thousand others as she hit Seattle as her second to last stop for her Life You Want Tour. While I didn’t go home with a new car, I can say that I took away some really fun memories and practical tools to help me live the life I want. As anything associated with Oprah, the weekend was carried out with excellence, generosity and the intention was clear: You can begin each day anew. You have a purpose. You can create the life you want. If you’re still here, you have a second chance.

The event was very intentional in having you recognize how you think about your life and taking the time to recognize if those thoughts align with the kind of life you want. Oprah stated on Friday night, “You don’t become what you wish for, you become what you believe.” The mantra of the weekend was that I have purpose and  I am responsible for my intentions, my thoughts, and my choices. When you realize that, everything changes.


This picture is of an exercises we did where we chose which kind of language would speak life into our situations  and crossed out the kind of language we should discontinue using because it did the opposite. When speaking about a situation, remember that whatever you focus on grows.


The other component to Oprah’s Life You Want Tour weekend is O Town. O Town is a pop-up town square filled with stations that make you feel pampered and inspired, activities that allow your creativity be shown and opportunities to learn more about the products of Oprah’s sponsors. I had a blast in O Town! Here is a highlight of just a few of my favorite moments:

Thinking about and answering the question of “What is my best beautiful?” You can go into a booth and record a 5 second video answering this question; though our video didn’t work it turned out to be a fun exercise!


I had planned to say that I believe my best beautiful is following a really challenging workout while Jen answered that hers was first thing in the morning. I also think I could have answered ‘while laughing’!


Having the opportunity to interview Carla Hall from The Chew was so fun! Carla had so many great things to say, from failing forward to finding mentors and so on, but two of the things I will remember from our talk were about food – go figure. The first was her belief that our diets should be about real, whole foods and the beauty of simplicity. The second thing was about empowering kids in the kitchen – get them involved in the decision making. Your kids want grilled cheese? Ok, while at the store have them pick out which bread are we using? Which cheese? Ok, now that we are home, which pan are we using? Empower kids to be a part of what they’re eating.


You guys, I got to meet Amy Purdy. If you don’t understand how cool this is, I recommend looking her up. I first began following her only a few weeks prior to the Sochi Paralympics (where she took bronze in snowboarding) and then Lindsay and I were faithful DWTS followers while she was on. You could say she’s a girl crush.
While waiting in line at the meet&greet I was going through all the different things I should say to her: thank you for being a leader in innovation for amputees; thank you for being a role model in living a life inspired; thank you for being a brave woman; when are you going to announce you and Derek are in love? I mean, the list was long of potential things.. and then, well, I kind of froze. Under my breath I told her she was so inspirational while we posed for the picture. Not exactly seizing the moment, but I am still pretty giddy about it.

This past weekend was a cool experience. I loved being able to meet Amy, a role model of mine. I loved being able to learn from Oprah’s strategic marketing team, and I loved being able to learn from one of the most influential women in our country. However, I’d say this weekend also reinforced how blessed I am to be part of a life-giving church that continues to teach me wisdom every weekend and empowers me to live the life I’m called to live every day.

Where you there this weekend? What was your big takeaway?

Ready and looking forward to walk through my week full of purpose!



*We were given two tickets to the Oprah Life You Want Tour weekend in exchange for this review. We were not paid, and as always, these opinions are all our own.

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Flash Friday is BACK!

Flash Friday

Flash Friday is BACK by popular demand! This is just a little weekly post where we put together some things we find fun/interesting/useful or we just REALLY want to share. Each friday will be a little different, but the point is to hopefully spark SOME spot of inspiration for you!


What are your plans for this weekend, anything fun? My sister & I received media passes to the Oprah Live Your Best Life tour in Seattle this weekend!! Sadly, I am out of town and couldn’t make it back. Rebekah grabbed a friend and made sure to get all the details for us!! She will have a great review for us Monday!! I am really looking forward to that.

My friend’s first single – no biggie!! Take a listen – and go download!!

Are you preparing to host Thanksgiving at your house? Impress your guests with a well-set table.

Also, Here are a few recipes that I used last year that were AWESOME additions to our thanksgiving table. I am SO making those Jello shots again!

Do you drink Almond milk? Rebekah MADE THIS VERSION and she is now obsessed! It is so easy and super tasty! Why make your own Almond milk – READ HERE for one good reason.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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Fall Style Board with ModCloth

I have pulled out my boots & I am preparing myself for scarf and sweater weather! Fall is finally the air – so I was excited when ModCloth approached me to put together a style board for my favorite fall layering looks using items from the ModCloth website!


I would pair this layered look with my Black ripped skinny jeans – they are basically a staple for me this fall season.

It all starts with the sweater for me. The pattern has to be right, and I like to choose more neutral colors so that I can layer it with lots of different things. The Cozy Classwork Cardigan is very versatile. You could wear it with all black underneath to dress it up a bit, or pair it with a graphic tee as I have to make it a bit more casual. Something I didn’t add in the picture but I like to do sometimes is to layer a denim shirt under your sweater for another layer of warmth depending on what area of the country you are in! Take a look HERE to find your perfect fall cardigan from ModCloth.

ModCloth has an awesome collection of Graphic Tees to look through – I chose the Time to Prioritize tee – and this t-shirt also really made me laugh!

The Scoundrel Bootie in Auburn are very similar to boots I bought last year from Jeffery Campbell – and I wear them ALL.THE.TIME.

I love a scarf that is warm and snuggly, so I chose the Craft Fair Cute Scarf. I also like that it is an infinity scarf! They are soooo easy to wear.

I chose the Girls Best Fringe Bag because, Fringe.

As far as bracelets go this fall, I am still into a good arm party and I am really into mixing metals. For this style board, I chose the Made to Measure Bracelet because even if you throw it on by itself, it has the appearance of being more than one bracelet.

What are your fall must haves? I am honestly just excited to be talking about cool weather clothes at all! It seemed like summer held on forever – but I am a FAN of fall and getting cozy!!!

Happy fall layering!!

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So I am sitting here on the first day of fall, and it is 100 Degrees.

I am in Texas until tomorrow – and while I LOVE the people here and have created friendships that more resemble family – I HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS HEAT!! I am so sweaty all the time – I don’t ever feel like fixing my hair, putting on make up and whats the point of getting dressed up – you are just going to sweat through everything.

Ok, I am done complaining. I just really miss the cold, crispy in the air. I am very much looking forward to boots and scarves and sweaters and HOT LATTES and snuggling.

But truly – I am getting excited for fall! We have a lot planned of the fall, and it is going to be really fun!! Of course, some MUST-DO staples that I am looking forward to would be the Pumpkin Patch & leaf walks with Zane (where we walk around looking for pretty leaves!!)


I also really think Zane will get into trick-or-treating more this year. I do however very have a feeling she will ask each house for a lolly pop (since that is her favorite).


So where are you at with the whole FALL thing – are you happy it is now officially fall? What traditions are you looking forward to this fall?

Here are some fall favorites of mine from last year: 2013 Fall Favorites
This is surprisingly similar this year: My 2013 Fall Fashion Board
When you go to decorate pumpkins this year, try some of there ideas!!

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It’s just potty training, right?

I woke up last Sunday morning realizing that THIS IS THE ONLY WEEK I HAVE AVAILABLE for potty training unless I wanted to potty train in a hotel. Yeah… no. So we ate breakfast, and then Zane and I jumped in the car and went on a “special date” to Target to buy Mini Marshmallows, M&M’s and “big girl panties”. I let Zane choose which set of underpants she wanted to get, and if this can serve as indication to you as to how much confidence I had going into potty training, as I placed the chosen princess panties in the cart she screamed at the top of her lungs “NO PANTIES – I WANT DIAPERS”. She proceeded to say that all the way to the check out, and all the way home.

I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Turns out potty training has been the hardest things that I have done as a parent thus far. I am not even kidding. NOTHING has mad me want to throw in the towel and quit as a mom like potty training did. At least the first 5 days.

We attempted the 3-day Pottywise bootcamp and my expectation was to be done in 3 days. Potty trained. I did sleep training with the “Babywise” way, and had huge success with that (my newborn slept at 5 weeks and has always gone right to sleep in her own crib) so I figured that potty training would follow suit. But that is the thing with kids, sometimes most times it doesn’t go as planned. After the first few days, we were supposed to have this potty training thing down. She was crying for a break, and so was I.

I was so frustrated because she was old enough (3 years old) and she SHOULD physically be able to learn this process. I honestly didn’t believe it was a physical thing, but a mental/will thing. Zane is SO strong willed, and she just really didn’t want to. Which makes for very interesting times. And LOTS of pee to clean up.

Friday night after Zane went to bed, I fell into my bed alone and burst into tears. I was so tired & frustrated with the whole process. Why wasn’t she “getting it”. All of her friends were potty trained, and it didn’t seem like any of them had had real trouble, and yet Zane had peed ALL OVER the restaurant at dinner. What was I missing?

Then it hit me. I was absolutely part of the problem.

Zane and I are like mirror images of each other, both in looks and in a lot of behaviors. We are both fairly stubborn and very independent. So imagine two people who like to be independent and in their own space learning things on their own time shoved into a little bathroom staring at each other and trying to force learned behavior. All it lead to was frustration. So I decided that night to back off. She “knew” what she had to do. We had had minimal success and she knew what it felt like to actually go potty IN the potty. So now it just needed to be her choice to actually do it. That night, before I went to sleep, I prayed that I would have renewed strength the next day to just LOVE on my daughter. I would stop comparing what the books say should work or what all the other kids her age were doing and just know that in the right time, she will get it. Oh, and we are SO using pull-ups out in public. I am not going to deal with the anxiety of having to potentially clean up pee everywhere we go.

So Saturday morning we woke up, and I put Zane on the potty just like every other morning.

Nope, she didn’t pee. Normally this would have sent me into a panic because we were planning to be out all day and I DONT WANT TO WASH YOUR CAR SEAT AGAIN. Instead I just pulled up her “big girl travel panties” (read:pull-ups) and we left for Seattle for a fun day of celebrating. I decided to relax and just have a great day out, and not be concerned about the potty training. It would happen when it did. And you want to know what? She stayed dry ALL DAY and even went potty when we stopped to use the potty.

A successful day out! Finally!!! We did it!

Since that day we don’t have a perfect track record, but I am ok with it. Once I just let it go and relaxed and realized that I have a pretty amazing kid who goes with the flow of our life most of the time and she just needed me to relax a little bit and let her learn, I was much happier and she was as well!

What I have learned is that every child TRULY is different, and you can use all the books you want to each your kids how to do things, but you have to take into account your child’s personality and tailor things to them to have success in WHATEVER you are doing. It is the hardest and most rewarding part of parenting: figuring out our children and how they work.

So, how did potty training go in your house? Did the 3-day bootcamp work for your child, or did you have moments of pulling out your hair like me?

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Walking by Faith


I am working on a message right now for an upcoming women’s conference I am speaking at in September. It is my first opportunity to share a message to a group this size, and so of course the mind monsters are at work in my mind daily telling me why I “shouldn’t ” be doing this and a whole host of other things. Don’t worry, I am fighting right back.

I am working on sharing a few things from my heart, and one of the conference verses is:

I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see. 2 Corinthians 5:7

I love this verse because it sums up our lives as Christians and has so many applications to our daily lives.

As I study and mediate on this verse today, I invite you to do the same! What area of your life are you having trouble walking by faith? Is there something that you have not “seen” come to pass yet?

Please leave a comment for me below on my blog and tell me what this verse means to you!

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