So I am sitting here on the first day of fall, and it is 100 Degrees.

I am in Texas until tomorrow – and while I LOVE the people here and have created friendships that more resemble family – I HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS HEAT!! I am so sweaty all the time – I don’t ever feel like fixing my hair, putting on make up and whats the point of getting dressed up – you are just going to sweat through everything.

Ok, I am done complaining. I just really miss the cold, crispy in the air. I am very much looking forward to boots and scarves and sweaters and HOT LATTES and snuggling.

But truly – I am getting excited for fall! We have a lot planned of the fall, and it is going to be really fun!! Of course, some MUST-DO staples that I am looking forward to would be the Pumpkin Patch & leaf walks with Zane (where we walk around looking for pretty leaves!!)


I also really think Zane will get into trick-or-treating more this year. I do however very have a feeling she will ask each house for a lolly pop (since that is her favorite).


So where are you at with the whole FALL thing – are you happy it is now officially fall? What traditions are you looking forward to this fall?

Here are some fall favorites of mine from last year: 2013 Fall Favorites
This is surprisingly similar this year: My 2013 Fall Fashion Board
When you go to decorate pumpkins this year, try some of there ideas!!

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It’s just potty training, right?

I woke up last Sunday morning realizing that THIS IS THE ONLY WEEK I HAVE AVAILABLE for potty training unless I wanted to potty train in a hotel. Yeah… no. So we ate breakfast, and then Zane and I jumped in the car and went on a “special date” to Target to buy Mini Marshmallows, M&M’s and “big girl panties”. I let Zane choose which set of underpants she wanted to get, and if this can serve as indication to you as to how much confidence I had going into potty training, as I placed the chosen princess panties in the cart she screamed at the top of her lungs “NO PANTIES – I WANT DIAPERS”. She proceeded to say that all the way to the check out, and all the way home.

I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Turns out potty training has been the hardest things that I have done as a parent thus far. I am not even kidding. NOTHING has mad me want to throw in the towel and quit as a mom like potty training did. At least the first 5 days.

We attempted the 3-day Pottywise bootcamp and my expectation was to be done in 3 days. Potty trained. I did sleep training with the “Babywise” way, and had huge success with that (my newborn slept at 5 weeks and has always gone right to sleep in her own crib) so I figured that potty training would follow suit. But that is the thing with kids, sometimes most times it doesn’t go as planned. After the first few days, we were supposed to have this potty training thing down. She was crying for a break, and so was I.

I was so frustrated because she was old enough (3 years old) and she SHOULD physically be able to learn this process. I honestly didn’t believe it was a physical thing, but a mental/will thing. Zane is SO strong willed, and she just really didn’t want to. Which makes for very interesting times. And LOTS of pee to clean up.

Friday night after Zane went to bed, I fell into my bed alone and burst into tears. I was so tired & frustrated with the whole process. Why wasn’t she “getting it”. All of her friends were potty trained, and it didn’t seem like any of them had had real trouble, and yet Zane had peed ALL OVER the restaurant at dinner. What was I missing?

Then it hit me. I was absolutely part of the problem.

Zane and I are like mirror images of each other, both in looks and in a lot of behaviors. We are both fairly stubborn and very independent. So imagine two people who like to be independent and in their own space learning things on their own time shoved into a little bathroom staring at each other and trying to force learned behavior. All it lead to was frustration. So I decided that night to back off. She “knew” what she had to do. We had had minimal success and she knew what it felt like to actually go potty IN the potty. So now it just needed to be her choice to actually do it. That night, before I went to sleep, I prayed that I would have renewed strength the next day to just LOVE on my daughter. I would stop comparing what the books say should work or what all the other kids her age were doing and just know that in the right time, she will get it. Oh, and we are SO using pull-ups out in public. I am not going to deal with the anxiety of having to potentially clean up pee everywhere we go.

So Saturday morning we woke up, and I put Zane on the potty just like every other morning.

Nope, she didn’t pee. Normally this would have sent me into a panic because we were planning to be out all day and I DONT WANT TO WASH YOUR CAR SEAT AGAIN. Instead I just pulled up her “big girl travel panties” (read:pull-ups) and we left for Seattle for a fun day of celebrating. I decided to relax and just have a great day out, and not be concerned about the potty training. It would happen when it did. And you want to know what? She stayed dry ALL DAY and even went potty when we stopped to use the potty.

A successful day out! Finally!!! We did it!

Since that day we don’t have a perfect track record, but I am ok with it. Once I just let it go and relaxed and realized that I have a pretty amazing kid who goes with the flow of our life most of the time and she just needed me to relax a little bit and let her learn, I was much happier and she was as well!

What I have learned is that every child TRULY is different, and you can use all the books you want to each your kids how to do things, but you have to take into account your child’s personality and tailor things to them to have success in WHATEVER you are doing. It is the hardest and most rewarding part of parenting: figuring out our children and how they work.

So, how did potty training go in your house? Did the 3-day bootcamp work for your child, or did you have moments of pulling out your hair like me?

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Walking by Faith


I am working on a message right now for an upcoming women’s conference I am speaking at in September. It is my first opportunity to share a message to a group this size, and so of course the mind monsters are at work in my mind daily telling me why I “shouldn’t ” be doing this and a whole host of other things. Don’t worry, I am fighting right back.

I am working on sharing a few things from my heart, and one of the conference verses is:

I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see. 2 Corinthians 5:7

I love this verse because it sums up our lives as Christians and has so many applications to our daily lives.

As I study and mediate on this verse today, I invite you to do the same! What area of your life are you having trouble walking by faith? Is there something that you have not “seen” come to pass yet?

Please leave a comment for me below on my blog and tell me what this verse means to you!

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a little sad.

We had something a little sad happened to us, and as I am processing through it all, I thought it would make me feel better to share it with you.

We have a storage unit that is filled with LOTS of out things that we have been storing on and off for much of our marriage. We have moved multiple times (including across the country the month after our marriage) and because of size or location have always had a large storage unit to keep things that we were not currently using. The size and contents of the storage unit has varied throughout the years, and as of late it was large and very full.

My hubby received a phone call this past weekend that someone had been storing illegal liquid in the unit above ours (and maybe someone was living up there?!?!?) and the liquid had spilled, and was leaking everywhere. At the time of the call they were not sure of the damage of our unit as they were waiting for the HAZMAT team to arrive so they could determine what the substance was.

Now this ranks fairly high on the list of phone calls I didn’t anticipate receiving while on vacation in NYC. Although I couldn’t really remember what exactly was in the unit, I was fairly calm as Brandon explained to me that we would be allowed into the unit to see if there even was damage soon.

What we have heard so far is that there are a few units that have declared a total loss, and from what B could tell initially, it looks like we could possibly be in the same boat.

Now, even hearing that I was feeling ok about it. A lot of what we have stored would be kitchen items, furniture – all things that could be easily replaced. It is just stuff and I wasn’t really emotionally attached to it at all.

Then it hit me.

At dinner last night as I hung up the phone with Brandon, I turned to my friends to relay the information that it would more than likely be a total loss and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. ALL of Zane’s FIRSTS are stored in there.

Sad to loose all her first baby clothes!

Her first year and a half of clothing. All of her little toys. The outfit that we brought her home from the hospital in.

Now, I am not normally a sentimental person, but when it comes to Zane I turn into a MUSHY mess. All of her baby clothes that smell like baby zane still (you know – the baby smell, not the dirty diaper smell). I can’t ever get that back. Ever.

The other thing that I am struggling with is that part of the reason I saved everything was in case we have another. If we ever do, we are officially going to have to start from scratch then. Bummer.

And finally, the MAIN reason I saved it all was because I was planning to ROYALLY bless someone in the future. When we had Zane, we had friends/family who gave us huge chunks of fantastic hardly worn or new with tags clothes – so much so that we hardly had to BUY anything for the first year. I wanted to bottle that feeling up and (after we knew we were done having kids) find someone and just BLESS there living SOCKS RIGHT OFF with just a huge hand-me-down of everything you could need for a little girl.

Now I feel robed of that. Sitting there at the dinner table, I just burst into tears. I know it is just stuff, but I feel a little sad to be loosing all of that.

Loosing “stuff” can be hard sometimes, but it is good to have the right people around you to help keep the right perspective. Sometimes thats all you need – a change in perspective.

To shake it off, I am choosing to look at the bright side. If we do in fact have to claim total loss, at least this will be a great boost to our savings plan :) And in the end, I have a healthy beautiful almost 3 year old who is so vibrant and full of life. That is what is most important. Oh, and I guess we won’t have to pay for a storage unit any more.

So – lets chat – what do you do to maintain a healthy perspective when things don’t go as planned in your life?

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Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a toddler

Keeping travel exciting to a toddler, especially on a plane, can be tiring. The last few months I have had the opportunity to travel a fair amount with my two and a half year old daughter, and these are a few tips & tricks that have really helped me out along the way.

I have broken everything down into a few different categories because there is a LOT of details when you are talking about flying with a toddler!

In the airport
Making it through security
Luckily kids don’t have to take their shoes off when going through security, but you still do so make sure to wear flats you can take off/put back on easily.

You can fill up a backpack and make sure they wear it through security. It is much harder for them to run away when they are weighted down with a backpack. You can also posture it that they are helping by caring their own bag, getting them involved in the process

The Best backpack

A lot of airports have a play place available for kids to play, so before you head to the airport check to see if they play areas is anywhere near your gate. If it is, that is the PERFECT place to get out some last minute wiggles. The always offer hand sanitizer at the entrance/exit of the play place, and I would highly suggest using it. :)

On The plane

Toddler Toys

Once on the plane, you need to think in terms of time segments. The length of that segment really is different for each child & each activity. The point here is to know that you will need to keep switching up what they are doing/playing with in order to keep them occupied.

It is very helpful to have new toys to be able to share as well as any small favorites from home. The Dollar Store/Big Lots & the dollar bin at Target are all great places to get smaller toys. I bought magnetic blocks on amazon (link below) and they have been a HUGE hit!!

My friend Jen from Mamma.Pappa.Bubba just posted this AMAZING gift she made for a friend, and I HAD to share it for all of my DIY friends- a Portable Activity Kit for Little travellers!! I will most defiantly be putting something like this together for Zane in the future! (Please check it out – her blog is absolutely amazing and FULL of amazing toddler ideas!)

Something to think about when choosing small toys for airplane entertainment – think of toys that can do double duty as a bath toy as well! Little People are GREAT for this, as well as any type of small fish or Dinos.

I also like to keep a small pack of Boogie wipes available for quick clean ups, and they are AMAZING for runny noses!! Also, I love the fresh scent, which is a plus ALWAYS when traveling.

Helpful Snacks
I find that finger snacks, things that will time a longer time to eat, or things that are FUN to eat are the best so keep these things in mind when you are packing snacks!

* Cereal – There are great for building motor skills too depending on the age. We usually use Rice Chex.
* carrots or peppers in slices Crunchy is fun! My daughter likes to pretend that the carrots are her nose, like a snowman. She is OBSESSED with snowmen. Sliced Apples are a great, easy way to bring something sweet.
* Packs of gummies – we use the Annie’s Organic, but anything that is a little sweet and has a shape of any sort will do. I once found a bag of Alphabet gummies and that did the trick for a long while on the plane.
* Suckers (dum dums) for take off and landing – and for bribing :) Sorry I am not above bribing when you are traveling. Use the sucker trick sparingly so that it is a treat and not something that becomes usual, but I use them for long security lines, take off or landing or if we get delayed. Maybe it is just because Zane doesn’t usually get much sugar, but MAN she will do just about anything for a DumDum! LOL

Changing a Diaper
The dreaded task of any parent. Change a diaper on the plane.

I always change Zane’s diaper right before we get on the plane. If it is a short flight, there are times you won’t even HAVE TO change a diaper. But, in the unlucky and very highly likely event that you need to change something smelly, here are my best tips for you.

* WIPES - Make sure for your sake that you have packed wipes. I did forget this once (which is my I am mentioning it here) I like to pack the smaller packs of wipes in my carry on so that it isn’t so bulky. Obviously you know your child and the length of trip, so plan accordingly. In a pinch, you can also use the Boogie wipes (expensive, but they are a wipe in an emergency)
* CHANGING A DIAPER – If you haven’t started potty training yet, but your child is too long for the changing table, you will more than likely have to change your son/daughter while they awkwardly stand up on the toilet giving you hardly any room and frantically trying to get them to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. I suggest using pull-ups, even if you haven’t before. They will be standing up to change them anyways, and they are so easy to just slip on instead of having to attach the side of the diaper while the squirm around.
* DIAPER DISPOSAL – don’t forget to take the “sick bag” from your seat and wrap your diaper in the bag before throwing it away. This will save you money if you use your own bags, and it will save the others on the flight from smelling your child’s diaper, thus putting you BACK in the good graces of all of those passengers that are on edge about a child on the flight to begin with.


I usually attempt to limit the amount of time my daughter is entertained by technology (ipad/tv) but when we travel, it is almost a necessity. Car rides/security lines/airplane rides – it can all be easier to handle when you can split it up with a little movie or game on the iPad – LETS BE HONEST. I do try to bring out the iPad LAST in the rotation of entertainment, but she is not at the age where she can just ask for a certain game or movie so it usually only works for so long :)

I try to make sure that Zane is playing with educational games catered to her age and learning development stage.

Our Favorite Apps
our Favorite Apps

You will also need a pair of child headphones – they limit the volume so that your child can’t turn it up all the way and damage their hearing. Sometimes a flight attendant will require your child to use headphones, while sometimes turning the volume very low will suffice. I have been on flights recently where both were true, and you never really know if they will require them or not (technically they are supposed to require them for the comfort of the other passengers).

Shopping Links

I have added a few of my affiliate links for you for the items I mentioned for easy online shopping!

8 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack and Lunchie Set, Ladybug

Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip 7-Doll Giftset

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Blue Crayola MyPhones Kids Volume-limiting Headphones

Pink Crayola MyPhones Kids Volume-limiting Headphones

Boogie Wipes Gentle Saline Nose Wipes Original Fresh Scent – Set of 3 (90 Wipes Total)

Underwater Friends Sea Animals Asst. (12 count)

Please comment below with anything you feel like I missed!! I am always wanting to expand my knowledge of traveling with a child!!!

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The Copper Crown Experience


YOU are an inspiration. You are beautiful, strong and graceful. YOU are sexy!

As women we sometimes lose sight of this. We struggle with insecurities; the desire to be beautiful; to be successful; to be smart; the perfect mother or perfect wife. For some of us, the way we view ourselves has been undermined by years of negative thinking. For others, the sense of beauty and worth has been taken from us by the misuse and abuse of others.

However I have found that the women in my life – and the strength they possess – have been some of my greatest sources of inspiration. I believe that women should be celebrated! The Copper Crown Experience seeks to do just that – bring out the BEST in you, celebrate your beauty!

Corianne & Ciara


Rosie & Jenn

I have gathered some of my insanely talented girlfriends to form The Copper Crown, a creative collaboration designed to celebrate how stunning you are! I hand selected our team because, well, they are the best! Heather is an incredible make-up artist that has been in the business for many years and really knows how to bring out your natural beauty. Ciara is a MASTER at the beachy waves (and the cutest preggo EVA)  they will get you looking your best. Then you have a 45 minute photo shoot with myself styling your outfits and atmosphere, and Kathy from Ardorlit Photography making sure we get just the right shots! She is a master with light and posing. You will feel pampered and beautiful, as well as comfortable the entire time you are with us.

Rosie & Corianne

Wether you come enjoy The Copper Crown Experience as a fun day away from the norm or to take some sexy shots to surprise your husband – This isn’t just a photo shoot, it is an experience – and we sincerily hope you will join us!

To reserve your spot or find out more information, please email me at lindsay@thecoppercrown.com


Psalm 34:5 Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

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Snow White’s Queen in Disneyland

Have you been to Disneyland? If you have, then chances are you saw the queen above the Snow White ride – she peeks out (animatronically) every minute or so, peering down over all of the people waiting in line… and it is kind of creep if you ask me!

However, it was one of Zane’s favorite parts of DisneyLand. I am not even kidding. We had to visit the queen a few times each day. She loved the anticipation of waiting for the queen to peek out – she would scream “There she is!!!!” every single time.

We got home safe and sound and went about our normal daily lives, and I wondered what sort of impact taking my two and a half year old to Disneyland would have had on her.

And then she did this.

The Queen

She gets behind the curtains and closes them, and from behind the curtain, you can hear her saying “Where’s the queen??” until we repeat it. Then she ever-so-slowly opens the curtains, peeks down for a second, and then closes them just as slowly.

It is one of the funniest things EVER.

I would say she remembers her trip!

What is something YOU remember about a trip to Disneyland?

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Our San Francisco Date with HowAboutWe for Couples

A lot has changed for Brandon and I the last two years. With a toddler and a vigorous travel schedule, we have to FIGHT to get out on dates just the two of us. Sometimes, however, we do get the opportunity to go on a date while we travel. The trick with that is knowing where to go.

So when HowAboutWe approached us about trying out their services for couples, I was very interested. Have you heard of HowAboutWe? They started as an online dating site but have since expanded to include HowAboutWe for Couples – a membership service that gets couples out on tailored dates for two. They plan the whole thing for you!

HowAboutWe for Couples is currently in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco & Seattle so I was excited when it worked out for us to try our first date in San Francisco last month. We chose a date from the Rosie Pope Collection – a special HowAboutWe for Couples date collection tailored for new and expectant parents (read: daytime or relaxing dates all planned out for you – no planning, just fun)

We chose a date titled “Brunch, Booze & Bowling” at the Mission Bowling Club in the San Francisco Mission district.

Mission Bowling Club

This is one of the reasons I am excited to be partnered up with HowAboutWe – they find the great hole-in-the-wall places FOR YOU! I honestly would have driven right past this place. But once you walked past the iron gate, there was a cute little patio set up where we enjoyed brunch.



After our yummy brunch of French Toast/Chicken & Waffles and Mimosas on the patio, we headed into the club for an hour of bowling.



ad bowling.....

I refuse to tell you the scores for the three games we played, however I am sure my husband would be happy to tell you. There was one time I was ahead…. for a few frames. Overall, neither one of us are actually very good bowlers, but it was so fun to spend time with my hubby doing an activity we don’t usually do!

After our date, we wandered around the Mission District, which is somewhere completely new for us in a city we have been to many times! We found an array of boutiques, vintage shops and fun restaurants – enough to make us want to come back and explore again. I was sad we only had a few hours!



Therapy. No, that’s the name of the store. But shopping here would be therapy. The BEST kind.



Basil Racuk. Handmade leather goods. The leather smith worked in the basement. AMAZING stuff.



Paxton Gate. Basically a Terrarium/Taxidermy store. So strange but for some reason it works.

We had such a great time getting out of our date rut – I’d highly recommend HowAboutWe for Couples. You can sign up for free and browse their dates in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. Here is a special BONUS: Get $50 off your first date THROUGH THIS LINK. So Awesome, HowAboutWe!

This post is sponsored by HowAboutWe for Couples: a service that gets people in relationships on wonderful dates, tailored for two. All thoughts are my own, and I plan to use HowAboutWe for Couples in the future.

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Does it matter what size you wear?



Does it matter what size you wear? I was talking with a friend at church a few months ago and the subject of clothing size came up. She like the shirt I was wearing and it got us talking about where I purchased it, where we usually shop for clothes in general, and what size we feel the most comfortable in. Another chimed in that they hadn’t bought anything at the anniversary sale because they were not the size they wanted to be so they refused to buy any new clothes.

I have to admit something. I have totally been in that cycle the last two years. Since having Zane, and loosing *some but not all* of that baby weight, I have been so unhappy with my body. I totally play mind games with myself like “I am not buying ANY clothes until I loose weight”. While I agree that setting goals is very important, and obviously you don’t want to purchase a bunch of clothes that are not going to fit – I had to stop and really think about what I was doing to myself.

There have been times that I have looked at myself in the mirror and just been plain disgusted. Disgusted with my efforts (or non-efforts) to loose weight or to take care of myself. I can seriously be so hard on myself sometimes. One thing that I have found through my journey is that made mental dialogue does absolutely NOTHING but tear my spirits down. Instead of taking the feeling I had toward myself and using them to motivate me, I would use them to tear myself down, which then I would use food to find comfort. I would then hate the mirror even more. Vicious cycle.

I am shifting my focus to being more healthy, not what size I am wearing. I am no longer going to find value for myself in what size I put on in the morning. I have to embrace where I am at, flaws and all, in order to move on in a positive, healthy way.

This is about my internal talk to myself and learning to love the body I have in ALL the stages that I go through. If I don’t love it, how am I ever going to spent the time and energy to take care of it.

So… this is a promise to myself to be in love with my amazing body – this body who has gotten me around for 33 years already, has produced one very cute little blonde, and has MANY more years to go. I promise to take care of my body with feeding it whole foods, limiting the BAD stuff and remembering that food is my FUEL and it is important to choose wisely. I promise to keep active, to build muscle & loose fat – but to keep HEALTH and longevity the main goal. I promise to leave the past mistakes and bad feelings in the past, and move forward with a healthy goal in mind.

I am sharing my journey with you openly so that hopefully it will help someone move past the toxic bad self talk and move into a more healthy place both in mind AND body! SO tell me – do you deal with these weight issue mind monsters? Is there a bad mental cycle you need to erase and re-write?

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Spring Makeover – what to wear this spring for MOMS!

Today we had to opportunity to talk to our MOPs girls about doing a spring makeover in different areas of their lives, and I thought I would share with you!!

It is important, even if you don’t want to spend much money, that you look up from your HOT latte and warm sweaters and get ready for spring/summer by refreshing a few things! We made a few collages on Polyvore to help you get started with some ideas!!

First up: Makeover what you wear at home:

Wear at home - SAHM

You want to make sure that you take a look at your Pajamas & lounge wear – any holes or worn spots? Are the edges of your pajama bottoms all dirty from dragging on the floor? Seriously. Take a look. For me, it had been a few years and my PJ bottoms were WORN. I threw them away, apologized to anyone who had witnessed them, and I am moving on :) Sometime as a mom we get so busy we forget to check how OUR stuff is.

If you wear yoga pants, don’t wear the same pants around the house that you always work out in. Have a set you for working out, then a different set for lounging/playing with kids.

Next up: Makeover what you wear on Mommy Errands

Mommy Errands

The key for Mommy errands (out in public – eeeek!) is to be comfortable enough to wrangle your children but still be put together to represent your family well! BALANCE! Save the heels or match jewelry for later – you want to be able to chase your child up and down he isles of Costco (if need be).

Bottom line – you are going to sweat when you run errands with children. But you can still look cute while you glisten. Fight the urge to just wear your sweats out of the house.

Next: Makeover what you wear for an Evening out with friends

outwithfriends - spring - MOPs

What is this, you say? An evening out with friends???

YES – we need our girl time. Even though it can be a lot of work to get everything arranged to make it happen – it is VITAL to our sanity as women and mothers to hang with other woman – have those adult conversations that don’t include boo boos and/or boogers.

So first and formost, take the time to schedule in some girl time. Secondly – for spring – look for a few pops of neon to freshen up any outfit and make you feel bright for spring!Take a risk with your outfit – try a romper or a hat – look for the soft lighter color leather jackets that will go with many outfits all through spring and summer.

Next: Makeover what you wear for Date Night with your man!!

Date outfit day to night

A lot of times, you can take a daytime look, and with an exchange of flats for heels and a new jacket – a pop of bright color on the lips – you can transform your outfit from a daytime to date night look with very little time/effort.

Last: Freshen up decor in your home

Spring Home decor - MOPs

A lot of times, we think about spring CLEANING our house, but what about giving a fresh facelift to our decor as well? Some really easy ways to make a big impact:
* Get some new pillows for your family room couch
*Change out your fall/winter smelling candles for some fresh light smells (my favorite option HERE)
*FRESH FLOWERS!! buy yourself some lovely spring flowers at your local market (check the farmers market for great prices and beautiful in season colors)
*Open your windows!! When it is warm enough, open up those windows and let the fresh air in! It will do wonders for your mood!

So what are some of your favorite things to do this time of year to help you get revived and ready for spring/summer?

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